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Mike Posner–The Layover [Mixtape]

We’ve heard a couple tracks off the tape thus far, but here is the official project.

Good Sunday.

Download Here

Big K.R.I.T–Last King 2 (God’s Machine): DJ Breakem Off x DJ Wally Sparks (Mixtape)

Just before his album drops, the king returns with his latest tracks and features. Of course I’m in love with the project..but in love with dude voice. Enjoy.

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Rapper Big Pooh–Fat Boy Fresh Vol 1 (Mixtape)


Just a little preview. Sneak peak of 14/19 tracks.

Enjoy suckas.

Tracklist and Download Inside
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Chip Tha Ripper–Gift Raps (FreEP)

YES! #ftw. Love Chip, and I been waiting for something like this to go down.

Tracklist and Download inside
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Jay-Z–Most Kingz ft. Chris Martin x DJ Green Lantern Invasion Radio 2k10

There is a whole story with this track, a story that I don’t care to really explain. But the song is a little old (2006 to be exact), a little raw tho. Download the DJ Green Lantern Mixtape below

Download: Jay-Z–Most Kingz ft. Chris Martin
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Much Ado about Nothing

I have been vehemently tweeting this week that I wish Wale’s latest mixtape; More About Nothing, would have been released as an album instead of Attention Deficit.

More About Nothing is a follow-up to Wale’s probably most acclaimed mixtape: The Mixtape About Nothing. Obviously inspired by Seinfeld. The funny thing about More About Nothing is the fact that Wale pretty much touched on EVERYTHING. Breakups, make-ups, hook-ups, fake friends, real friends, and just basic everyday shit that we can relate too. This is seriously one of the few mixtapes that you put on in the morning while getting ready for work, and just let in rock in the background while you go through the rest of your day.

Aside from amazing lyrical content, Wale DEFINETLY stepped up his production game on this jawn. Seriously tho, I don’t think there was a track on M.A.N. where I didn’t like the instrumentals. Right now, #15 Guilty Pleasure with Waka Flocka n Roscoe Dash (smh yea i know) is giving me EVERYTHING right now. The song itself is ji (dmv slang, get hip) smooth; but the Drumma Boy produced track is HITTIN. And of course you can’t go wrong wid anything gogo on here like #24 The Get Away ft Northeast Groovers (plz get hip to dis dmv thing). Even tho Wale stepped up n started working wid producers like Cool & Dre n Drumma Boy, he still kept it lowkey underground working with newbies as well…

My last selling point on this album err mixtape is the concept. I’m a sucker for concept albums. The Chronic, The Marshall Mathers LP, The Recession, & Kush n OJ, just to name a few are great examples of what a concept album should be. Hell, all albums should have a concept. Seriously, if u can’t put out an album wid some type of cohesive subject matter then don’t bother, just stick to mixtapes. *bbm angry face*.

Anyways…More About Nothing is a prime example of how to do an album with cohesive subject matter but without monotonous rhymes. You get something different with each song, yet when you’re flippin thru, you won’t have the “wtf? where dat come from face… (see Carter III). You can tell Wale is working hard to prove all the naysayers wrong and it definitely pays off with More About Nothing. Real live, More About Nothing is prolly more about something than any of your favorite mixtapes/albums that came out this summer. #teamnodaysoff

P.S. Just to show y’all I’m not biased, I’ma do the Game mixtape n the Bun B review for y’all sometime this weekend.

-Miaa……..follow me on twitter @lilolemi

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