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Melanie Fiona & Robin Thicke Perform Live In Chicago (Video)

2Chainz in Chicago

GLC–What This Ism Do (Video)

I saw this on Fakeshore Drive earlier, finally got around to posting it. Pretty nice song if you ask me. I can always appreciate some good high vocals as a sample, along with some nice adlibs.

Kanye West Visits Old Neighborhood In Chicago (Video)

Welp, that’s my city. Yup, its better than yours.

Common–Raw (How You Like It)

The Dreamer, The Believer dropping soon..nothing gets better than hearing a Chicago artist.

Audio only.



Freddie Gibbs Signs w/ Young Jeezy

Lupe Fiasco ft. Alicia Keys–Love Letter to the Beat

I don’t really like this as much as I thought I would, but whatever. Maybe it has to grow on me.

Download: Lupe Fiasco ft. Alicia Keys–Love Letter to the Beat

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