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Jay-Z ft. B.I.C. – Glory

Yea, this is pretty mellow and dope if I say so myself. Congrats to the new parents


Download: Jay-Z ft. B.I.C. – Glory (Dedication To Blue Ivy)

Beyoncé–Dance For You [Video]

Finally the right version.

Beyoncé – Live At Roseland

What you’ve all been waiting for.

Beyonce-Party ft. J.Cole (Video)

I’m  not a big fan of Cole’s verse but whatever, I’ll take it.

Beyonce-4 (Album Review)

Not quite Dangerously In Love, but this’ll do. Today marks the release of Beyonce’s 4th Album, 4. Upon initial thought, I was a little thrown off by the utterly simple album title, but after much thought….I recognize the complexity in its simplicity. Let’s start with the basics shall we? First single…Run The World (Girls) really wasn’t a hit for most people, but ironically, I found the single quite refreshing and quite frankly, I loved it. But before I give you a chance to throw stones at my head, allow me to rewind and start from the top. 1+1. Who knew math could be so….simple? B starts off this anticipated album with this Dream produced track, which I must say puts me in a love  we don’t love these hoes kind of mood.

Fortunately, for those who aren’t so in love, she comes back with I Care, which is a song that explores the notion that men don’t care as much as women do (who didn’t already know that?). Side note on this track tho, the production is quite surprising as the drum sets can easily be turned into a dope live set. 4 carefully keeps the sequence of bitterness as her 2nd single Best Thing I Never Had comes into play. I believe I will live vicariously through this song at some point..but I digress. 

None of that other stuff matters when my joint Party  comes on my iTunes. It features my man Ye, Consequence, AND 3 stacks. What can get better than that? NOTHING. So with that said. Shell out that $13.99 for this song…alone. If you don’t think I don’t play this song EVERY time I hit the streets you are out of your mind. I could tell you that all the other songs are good..lyrics are ok..yadda yadda yadda…but you probably won’t care when Party  comes on and Andre says

“I got a homeboy named Butta and another homeboy, that nigga named Cheese

Fuck wit’ me baby, I make it milk ’til it drip down yo’ knees”

But anyway, the rest of the album is pretty dope sauce too. I’d like to highlight Party on Top and I Was Here as those two joints are actually pretty nice. In fact, I Was Here gives me a little inspiration to leave my mark in this here world. For the B’Day Beyonce fans, you probably won’t like this, for the Dangerously In Love Beyonce fans you’ll appreciate this, and for the Beyonce stans..well, you’ll buy her album even if she had 2 songs on the mf.

Best Tracks:

  1. Party –DUH
  2. Best Thing I Never Had
  3. 1+1

Kanye West–See Me Now (Charlie Wilson & Beyonce)

Ok, I don’t like this shit. WAYYYY too much going on. Not feeling it. .Kanye’s verse is nice but everything else suffers.

Download: Kanye West ft. Charlie Wilson and Beyonce.

Props to 2DopeBoyz for the buzz.

Beyonce –Me,Myself, and I [Alternate Version]

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