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Album Review: Wiz Khalifa–Taylor Allderdice


Rostrum Records/Taylor Gang

Release Date: March13, 2012

The bounce back from Rolling Papers is here, giving the fans a bit of the original Wiz again. Taylor Allderdice is a must have judging from the downloading problems from sites being flooded from fans wanting the tape…the craze fits all too well. On this tape, the audience gets an inside look to Wiz’ thoughts on various aspects of his career covering topics like, Rolling Papers, criticisms to his longevity in the game, Taylor Gang, etc. On this tape, there is an interview broken into parts after each song. This is where you get an inside scoop to Khalifa life.  A premier work here with features from the likes of Rick Ross, Smoke DZA, Amber Rose, and more.

To focus more on the engineering and production tip, Allderdice is heavily influenced by TGOD’s (Taylor Gang Or Die)  Big Jerm, Cardo, Sledgrin, and a couple others. Wiz always seems to find futuristic and original sound for his production. Whether partying, chilling out at home, a kick-back session at the crib, this project can find a comfortable home in your speakers. In any case, a lot of the beats you will here will make the audience reminisce on the sound captured on production from the critically acclaimed Kush & Orange Juice.

Additionally, there is a showcase of versatility; a common adjective used when it comes to Wiz. As he raps, as well as a synthesized singing voice that is not too excruciating to the audience, even preferred sometimes. But like everything else, the more time one spends on their craft, the more experienced they become…evolution. Wiz’ flows and delivery are different from the works of Flight School & Kush & Oj; more similar to the quick and fast paced rap on Young, Wild, & Free off the soundtrack for the up and coming movie  Mac & Devin Go To High School. With that being said, I’m pleased to announce that we have the highly aniticipated Taylor Allderdice. Download here on the site!!!

“You know…what inspired me back then…is what inspires me now. “ – Wiz Khalifa

Grade: A

– Kyre K. Williams

Album Review: KiD CuDi x Dot Da Genius— WZRD [Released: February 28, 2012]

The WZRD is here with the first project self-titled. Coming a long way from “Day & Nite”, the duo have finally compiled their first work; the perfect medium of Hip Hop and Rock.  Dot Da Genius has blended Cudi’s subject matter to “mildly-rockish” tunes, placing Cudi in a seemingly more comfortable light. With the Cleveland native’s favorably unique style over the sounds of Alternative Rock, it makes sense that the two knew each other and worked together for a while. Seven months after the two were acquainted, they were roommates for a short time grinding in the studio for better days. Adding the leverage from Cudi’s lucrative career, along with an ever-expanding and diverse fan base, WZRD is sure to make an impact.

Imagine Cudi singing over Linkin Park’s production, moreover, Cudi’s Erase Me, toning down the pop sound. Dot’s production matches the distraught, confused, and sometimes hopeless lyrics applied. The intro, “The Arrival” brings you to the conclusion that the emotional journey that Cudi will submerge the audience into will be intimidating yet, suspenseful. Drifting through the rest of the album, one will understand that the subject matter of this piece is exclusive to Cudi’s persona….that of a loner.

Dot Da Genius’ production on this album placates toward the alternative crowd but scoops through the beats with hip hop influence. The beat builds/drops and heavy bass are signature for production in the rap world; well exemplified in the song “Live & Learn” and “High Off Life” So this sound is versatile in that it is appealing to multiple crowds.

Whether the audience hails from the background of a loaner who resorts to drugs for happiness, or one’s life is full of burden, this album is navigating toward relativity. Expanding your mind a little bit more than you already have with Cudi, and you can appreciate the application of Dot Da Genius’ style. WZRD’s self-titled project IN STORES NOW!!!

Album Review: Common–The Dreamer, The Believer

Someone recently said that Common lost his way….

Looks like he found it.

The Dreamer, The Believer, Common’s 8th studio album, hit shelves this past Tuesday and has his fans rockin! The album starts with the intro track, The Dreamer,  featuring the full of shit  lovely Maya Angelou, where he tells you about his journey of dreams and she digs into her book of poetry. Soon after, he hits us with his highly successful single Ghetto Dreams, featuring the best rapper of all time  Nas. I guess Com was like “I’m bout to hit yall over the head, and knock you unconscious with this one”, because the flow from the duo is so ILL (Or maybe it was the line “She knows shoe’s like she knows survival).

One thing I have to point out about this album is the production quality of the entire project. I’m sure it is not a person on this earth that can tell me that Blue Sky wasn’t dope production wise, but of course it is probably overlooked by 75% of the people copping this album.

Dare I say it…Sweet is a diss record for Drake?

You should never wanna go against me

You know man, you too soft for that man
I be seeing you man, I see it in your eyes man
You aint the type of nigga to go against me
You get in my presence you gon’ feel like a little hoe
You aint a man yet, you tryna be somebody else
Man, be yourself man, you come around my crib, you get your shit took
Huh, wherever you go, you probably be overseas in Europe and get yo shit took
You’s a hoe, you know you sweet
Aint nothing you can do man, people see that man
Broads be seeing you sweet
Done wit’ you muthafuckas, it’s over for you
It’s over for you? It’s over, sweet muthafucka

Yea, I’m instigating this…YES, Common will destroy every simp bone in Drake’s body. I need a good beef here folks.

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Album Review: Drake — Take Care

Yo! To all other artists in the rap game, Take Care…because Drake has definitely taken your position at the top. The critically acclaimed sophomore album from Drizzy is original and back to the same style as So Far Gone; the singing/rapping trademark remastered and the features are fulfilling. Sensitivity over a dope bass line is a lady, and a gentlemen’s dream combo. That demographic could not be any more pleased.

Don’t worry fellas, there are some extreme, heavy-hitting beats that will feed your subs some of the best production you have ever heard. I guess with that type of money, you could have that production quality from the first track to the last (1 sample in there that you will love). Lyrically, Drizzy, just like Wale, like to throw very low-key punchlines that you might have to hear a couple times before you catch. Not that they are that abstract and difficult, but more than less unexpected.

However, understand this, if you are not a fan of Drake’s style and delivery (consistent yet repetitive), then you will have quite the hard time appreciating this album. The content of sensitivity in a man, while not well respected, is pretty dominant in this work. And with subject matter as such, you’re bound to either hate it or love it. To a fan, do not fix what is not broken, and to a hater, well, you can always stay in your place.

To me, if you never heard So Far Gone, hearing this as his first work would have the same impact. With the 2nd Album on the way to an ear near you, get your volume, EQs, and hearts ready, Take Care is on the way. 11/15/11

“Listen, enjoy it, buy it if you like it…and Take Care until next time.”
– Drake

– Kyre K. Williams

Meshell Ndegeocello: Weather (Album Stream)

NPR comes thru yet again for the preview of an album…iTunes who? But never the less, here’s the latest album from the songstress of  Love and Basketball Anthem “Fool of Me”. Weather drops November 8th

Enjoy, and goodnight.

Listen Here

Album Review: “Ambition” – Wale


And so the “No Days Off,” movement continues with Wale’s sophomore album, Ambition, the DC natives first work under the MMG label. Wale’s hunger and dedication is definitely exemplified in this new CD in stores as of 11/1/11.

The highly anticipated second album is definitely worth the hype as Wale introduces the motivation fueling his fire to rap, his Ambition; the factor that attracts the women, the asset that he likes for his women to have, the will to make great music, money, and succeed in this rap game. From the #Ambition bands, to the huge buzz created via Twitter, and the prelude Eleven One Eleven Theory mixtape, the hype built for this album was made fit.

Because of the recent signing to Maybach Music Group, Wale was able to have more “freedom” as to the direction and sound that this work has. His delivery and lyricism became more versatile. If you were a fan of Wale’s before, after hearing this you’ll far surpass being satisfied. The lack of many features left a lot of room to flex skill on this album, and any type of song (smooth and mellow, club banger, content based, lyrical) made on here was made to Wale’s perfection.

Nonetheless, his production sounded slightly similar to Attention Deficit’s but a tad more grimy and hard-hitting. The type of production Rick Ross has labeled to be MMG’s sound are hard-hitting also yet, could have some class. So do not expect to have that sound embodied in Wale’s album. But the sound he does have does the album service.

#Ambition in stores now!!!

“They gon love me for my ambition…easy to dream a dream though it’s harder to live in…” – Wale

-Kyre K. Williams

Mixtape Review: Freddie Gibbs – Cold Day in Hell [Released: October 31, 2011]

Gangsta Gibbs serves us up with his newest tape, Cold Day in Hell. As expected, the content is kept consistent with it’s illicit nature; it’s the average “hood” subject matter consisting of drugs, girls, money, and the struggle through it all.

It is much appreciated that with this tape, he takes the informative route. Gibbs let’s his audience know what is going on in his life and town rather than flaunting the life. Very reminiscent of Doughboy’s (Ice Cube) last words before Boyz N Da Hood concludes. This approach really embodies one of the founding idelas of hip hop; to express and make people aware of what goes on in the life of the artist.

As far as production is concerned, the sound is pretty subpar; close to what one would expect from an artist’s first/second unprofessional work. Keep in mind though that there are exceptions to every rule, so there are a couple beats that meet the standard. After signing to CTE, one would think the quality would sound around as good as Jeezy’s beats.

Gibbs’ lyricism is for the most part is nonexistent. As of late, there is a heavy concentration on the literary devices (similes, metaphors, double entendre, etc.), none of which make a difference (if you hear any) from this tape.

So if you’re down with simple “hood” music this is the download for you.

“I’m made, the s*** you motherf*****s can’t fade…” – Freddie Gibbs

– Kyre K. Williams

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