Drake –The Industry Is Mine (A Roots Compilation) [[Old but New]]

While 40% of this The Industry Is Mine [[A Roots Compilation]] has been recycled, the rest of this lovely mixtape has not been heard by most. While most true Drake fans should already have this piece of art because it is a few months old. It has come to my attention that MANY don’t. So in an effort to push Drake as much as I can, I have offered yet ANOTHER mixtape from him. Yes, I know..ANOTHER one, however, you guys keep asking for MORE. I must say besides Comeback Season, this is my 2nd favorite Drake mixtape. With songs such as Get Over it and Smile, I still have hope that the old Drake does exist. After recently being fairly disappointment with So Far Gone and the recent signing of Cash Money, I gave up hope on Drake being true to his self. 

My only fear is that he will become another mixtape rapper, so with that being said, lets just wait on his 1st official album. 

Get it..(HERE)


–Saidah “Windy”


Long Live the King??


            As huge a fan as I am of “gangsta” rap, I can honestly say I haven’t been looking forward to gangsta-rapper turned playground bully 50 Cent’s new album, Before I Self Destruct, which is slated for release later this year. However, recently it would seem that Mr. Jackson has gone back to taking his music career seriously as his last two mixtapes, War Angel, and the newest Forever the King, has been, decent.

       Now I know that there once was a time in hip hop when calling an album merely decent was sign of disrespect, but in these times I think its somewhat a compliment. Especially considering his last two albums have been almost completely unlistenable. On this mixtape however, 50 decides to keep his focus on the “gangsta” aspect of his music instead of his usual tool of making the most commercial, pop-orientated, radio friendly ringtones hits to attract the mainstream. 50 made sure not to complete alienate his female fans however, and the mixtape does feature some a few songs aimed at the ladies, and he achieved this with a smoother vibe than some of his other songs such as Magic Stick, Candy Shop, and Amusement Park.

    Im not too sure what 50 is aspiring to become “King” of, but with this new string of tolerable mixtapes and what may become an actually GOOD album, Curtis may just be able to sit on the throne as the new King of NY. (That is until Blueprint 3 drops later this year, cuz let’s face it, we all know who runs the city. No Sean Combs)

Best Tracks
1) Suicide Watch: I’m still trying to decide whether I love the track for the Biggie sample or 50’s lyrics. But nonetheless, 50 keeps its mostly 100 on this joint. After a loop of the first line from Suicidal Thoughts, 50 just goes in, something he hasn’t really done since Get Rich or Die Trying.

2) I’m Paranoid: Has a bit of an Eminem-vibe to it, but still its another track where 50 just kills it. Rapping about murdering, robbing, and all the “niggas tryna get him.” The beat really helps the track, definetly reminiscent of the Power of a Dolla era.

3) Dreaming-Uses a sample from Christopher Williams (of New Jack City) and it just tells of 50’s rise to fame and how waited to get where he is now. Very nolstagic, however its not too much rapping on this track.

4) MJ Freestyle- Curtis pays homage to the recently deceased King of Pop by addressing those who question his presence in the hood and his new musical direction over a sample of Wanna Be Where You Are.

Worst Tracks
1.) London Girl pt 2- Fif rapping about fckin some broad from Great Britain with a randomn girl screaming in the background. This has been done a few times before and its just as annoying as all its counterparts. Not to mention this song just doesnt fit with overall flow of the cd. He shouldn’t just left this out or gave it to Tony Yayo, the next track Touch Me (which samples the Case and Foxxy Brown joint) achieves everything London Girl tried to without sounding cheap or retarded.

2.) Put That Work In- This song really isn’t that bad, but the chorus sounds dumb. The cadence of it reminds me of a new Soulja Boy Dance. PUT THAT WORK IN- PUT THAT WORK IN- MAKE IT HOT IT DIE DOWN AND THEN DO IT AGAIN. wtf? fyi, Fif, if your listeners go as hard as you think they do, they don’t need instructions on how to um, Put That Work In.

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Just Because……


Twista–Turnin Me On (remix)

Alchemist ft Maxwell and Twista–Smile (Crack)

Twista ft. R.Kelly–Yellow Light

and more…


Twista ft Do or Die–Yo Body

Twista ft Static Major–Gotta Get Me One (nice)

Twista ft Gucci and OJ da Juiceman–Walking on Ice

Drake–Stunt on You

The Dream–Somethin New

Drake–The Winner ( DOPE!!!)


Kanye West–The Lost Songs: Welcome 2 Chicago


Kanye West–The Lost Songs: Welcome 2 Chicago

Twista, Category F5 (EMI)

You done been good, but you can do better

Someone must have really told Twista that he could do better, because he only got better on his latest album Category F5. Only one word can describe this album for me..SOLID. As his new single Wetter floods radio stations across the nation, Twista has released yet another classic slow jam Yellow Light off his new album Category f5, this new slow jam features fellow Chicago native R. Kelly. While Twista explored his sound in the auto-tune world, he still managed to keep his fast flow and Chicago inspired lyrics. With tracks like Fire and Yo Body, I couldn’t help but become inspired to sit back and smoke an L. 

However, I must admit when I first saw the track list for this album back in May, I was concerned about the several different features on 90% of his album and his ridiculously low budget video for Wetter. Luckily, Twista trampled my previous notions as he optimized each feature and took every song to the next level. I also must admit that I was very impressed when I was blessed with the vocals of R&B singer Static Major (R.I.P) on Gotta Get Me One. Unfortunately, Twista is so underrated that the success of this sex driven album will not be represented properly in record sales. But rest assure, Twista can always count on his loyal fans to pull through for him and cop this SOLID album. In a decade where true rappers are taken for granted, I encourage true rap fans to take a listen, maybe even go buy it. 

Grade: B

-Saidah “Windy” Anderson

Maxwell, BLACKsummers’night (Columbia Records)

For most artists, an 8-year hiatus would be considered career suicide. But after thirteen years and four albums, R&B superstar Maxwell more than proves that his career is still alive and kicking, and that the wait was worth it. This fourth studio album, BLACKsummers’night (the first in a trilogy), is his first release since 2001’s Now.

At only nine tracks, it’s his shortest album to date, but arguably the best since his 1996 debut album, Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite. Its lead single, the lullaby “Pretty Wings,” is an instant standout, as is the second single, “Bad Habits,” which opens the album. “Fistful of Tears” is one of the album’s strongest cuts, reminiscent of a Prince track. And the spectacular “Stop The World” is sure to become a fan favorite.

In a world filled with auto-tune driven R&B, Maxwell proves that there is still room for true artistry and that fans will respond. BLACKsummers’night is easily the year’s best R&B album thus far, and Maxwell successfully adds yet another masterpiece to his catalog (along with his debut). It’s always difficult to find an album that is flawless in its entirety, but here, Maxwell delivers just that. This not only gives him a successful return to the forefront of R&B music, but also an instant classic.

Grade: A+ 

Michael Hamilton

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